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On January 15th , 2017

As a gift back to you and to the profession that allowed me to serve so many and have so much in my life. I am offering complete and total access to the things that I used to build the large referral only practice.

(you can implement them immediately and see results the first day)

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It's Time You Had Access to High Level Practice Building Methods

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“This website is not some radical or rogue group out to take over Chiropractic.

On the contrary, We are Doctors who are fed up with how Chiropractic is being promoted and ultimately perceived in the public eye. And we are going to Disrupt the notion that you have to pay huge sums of money to get the exact and implementable information, methods and tactics to build the practice you want to have.”

Once you have decided to join , you will not see ongoing fees or some “New” special more expensive levels to pay for. Just under the radar Doctors with talents to build and sustain huge referral practices and don’t care to eat they young or starve others trying to do practice the right way.

“We as a profession can no longer afford to have people who don’t have any real sense on what the public wants or needs from Chiropractors ,creating embarrassing and yes, scummy marketing tactics. With the amount of exposure to social media and the ease of information gathering the public has on Chiropractic and Chiropractors its time we take control of our practices and move away from scams and charlatans.”  Gary C. Lawrence D.C.

The image chosen to be the logo demonstrates a commitment to make a stand to help the most important aspect of Chiropractic and that is the Doctors that deliver it and the patients that receive it .  Without a sustained and strong commitment to help these elements of Chiropractic the profession will continue to have the negative image it is trying to unchain from itself.

“I am not sure  how or why you offer such great high level methods and information. I have paid thousands of dollars in the past to get a lesser quality of it.  I hope you guys actually survive offering it so reasonably”
Dr. T.W. Wisconsin

“As a recent Grad, I can tell you that no one is  friendly . Every practice management group wants signed contracts and a big piece of what you make. You guys actually care about me succeeding in Chiropractic and because of that you really are Disrupting the “Guru’s” and Chiropractic”.
M.R. D.C

Recent Grad

“Every time I receive any information from you, I go to a quiet place and devour it!”
Dr. Dennis

The stuff you just sent me.....Blew me away it was so good!

Don’t choose to let others take your practice abilities away from you by charging you huge fees.

Choose to Disrupt the idea that high level practice building tactics have to cost a lot of money

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