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So, what about me and why would you even consider listening to anything I know about practice building?


First of all My name is Gary Lawrence D.C.  and I have been blessed to have had  the experience of running a high level practice for over 25+ years that saw over 100 patients per day.

I don’t say that to brag or gloat or want you to think I am some practice ninja because as you know there are other practices out there seeing many more people.

I tell you that because I know how to run a large practice and what it takes to build and maintain one with only internal referrals.

My practice has the reputation of being the destination practice where everyday it had people coming from all over the U.S. and Canada to come in and be treated.

Other than a few close Doctor friends, no one else out in the profession knew about my practice.


Because, I wasn’t going out to the seminars and bragging about doing this or that. Because frankly when did go to the seminars most of the speakers were just talkers with no experience in practice. And by talking with other Doctors I got really depressed because all they would talk about was what was bad about their practice.

None of what you just read is to be arrogant or rude, its just what I experienced.

You see……..

 I practice in a small Midwest river town in an old commercial building far off the main highway that is tucked way back into a residential area. Let’s just say if the practice Guru’s saw where I practiced they would use it as an example of where not to set up a practice.

I just recently sold my practice to a great young husband and wife team of chiropractors. When I say recently, I mean in October of 2015.

So, at the young age of 55 I took a few weeks off and did absolutely nothing but contemplate life. Good stuff really.

During that time, doctors who found out that I had sold my practice and went into “retirement”(just a word, and something that won’t happen in my lifetime), wanted to pay me to mentor them so they could build a practice like mine.

And I said no…….

I wasn’t being rude or aloof, it was that I just sold the practice and was taking time to let it settle in a little.  Many of them offered a good amount of money too but I had that already. ( Truth be told, I did give into a select few Doctors that I continue to help which is great but I wanted to do and give more)

Fast forward to December 2016

I came up with an idea to give back to the profession that has provided so much for me and my family.

Instead of having just a few random Doctors learn and do things to build a larger more intimate practice(Yes, those two things go hand in hand). I wanted to make it bigger than that, I want it so every doctor has a chance to build the practice he or she wants and not be stuck in any contracts or pay those astronomical fees that the Guru’s charge them.

I got sickened to see Doctors who get forced into doing things that make them and the profession look bad. I also heard many stories of hard struggle, even from Doctors who have been in the field for decades.

I got very sick of hearing how doctors got locked into contracts or were strung on with a ton of information that never really gave them something they could use in practice much less build it into something that would provide well for the doctor and their family. And of course there is the ploy of having the Doctor pay more to be at a higher level with the Guru and get the “good” stuff.  Talk about unprofessional.

So, that’s where the Disrupt Chiropractic idea came from. To Disrupt the idea(s) that Doctors can’t get access to the best marketing, best practice building, best patient satisfaction producing materials without paying huge fees.

I didn’t come up with the name so I cannot lay claim to it, the name came from a young Doctor who visited my clinic and told me I was disrupting the normal Chiropractic mode of “eating their young” as I was sharing so much high quality information for little or nothing compared to seminars he took that gave little or no value information.

So, that is why I set up this site….for the doctors in the field and for them to come and use it what they can to build the practice they want to have. It doesn’t have to a large, large practice like I had either. Because every doctor is different in their wants and needs.

On here, I have taken all my years of experience doing it, living it, loving it and put it together for others to use.

The outpouring of support right from the initial idea phase to getting it set up for the doctors has been nothing short of phenomenal. It really, really has.

I hope that you truly get a chance to love life, live bigger than yourself and give to others to make a difference in their lives. Use the information on here to build the practice of YOUR dreams not anyone else’s.