THE MISSION:  Supporting the Idea that our past cannot be our future 


In dedication to the forward progress of the profession of Chiropractic by providing those in the profession who truly want that to happen with the tools, training and professional practice development insights and guidance.


Along with the idea that with or without the entire profession in agreement there exists the need to make Chiropractic the leader in MSK and spinal care that it truly is. 


 This can only be done by disrupting the idea that unity within the profession is the only path forward. In fact, the battle for unity within the profession has actually held back the forward progress towards the goal of being a more accepted expert by other professions.

The strength of the profession rides on the ability to move forward without those who choose to continue to be mired in the dogma of outdated philosophies, methodologies as well as ideologies.

That past was our birthplace as a profession but it is not our future, like any profession the continued growth forward with modern updated research that benefits its patient population, coordinates with other healthcare professional interactions and provides science backed methodolgies to its field doctors.

Infighting has weakened the profession as a whole and has had the outside professions see us as only an unstable and unreliable resource for patient referral due to the lack of consistent patient outcomes.  


In Disrupting the unity front ideology and moving on without those who choose to remain locked in antiquated ways will only strenghthen our profession as the viable choice for MSK specialty status.  


So, with that understanding, you as an advanced trained expert in MSK methodologies, scienced based technical assessments and measurable/reliable clinical outcome resources you will be the leaders in bringing Chiropractic to the forefront in acceptance as the leading profession in the care and treatment of the MSK injury/recovery field.  

We are dedicated to help you first at your own clinic level by standing out as the local “go to” expert who has the reputation of being unlike the “typical” spinal adjustment only Chiropractor and one that the local Medical community highly recommends. This grass roots level of reputation building will feed a bigger perception of the advanced Chiropractor as a wholly different entity that is truly a specialist who relies soley on science based assessments and outcomes. 


Disrupt: to drastically alter the structure of (something)